You are about to make a reservation but not certain about some issues about the whole deal. So, let's clear them up:


What type of transfer services can you book through

We offer private taxi and minibus transfer services. Private and not shuttle nor shared. Either it is a single transfer from one place to another, an excursion or our reservation form, you are going to be the only customer in the vehicle.


Types and availability of the vehicles

  • We can provide 2 types of vehicles:  Taxis that can carry up to 4 passengers and a reasonable number of luggage for each passenger (see below) and Minibuses that are suitable for larger than 4 persons groups (and their luggage). 
  • Upon our Confirmation of your Booking, we are responsible for providing the appropriate type of vehicle for the number of passengers you would be. In case that for various reasons (mechanical failures, unexpected events, delays on a previous transfer, etc.) we won't be able to provide the selected type of vehicle, we will provide you another type without any surcharge (e.g. if you have reserved a Minibus transfer of 6 persons and on the given moment we are unable to provide one Minibus, we will provide 2 taxis at the same price of the MiniBus at our own expense).


Luggage that fit in a vehicle

  • A taxi can usually accommodate up to 4 medium or 3 large size suitcases, depending on the type and shape of the suitcases. Minibuses can also accommodate a reasonable number of luggage for each passenger.
  • If you have an unusual big number or bulky type of luggage (many large size suitcases / baby strollers / wheelchairs or walking assisting aids for people with mobility issues, etc.) it is essential that we know that in advance, in order to try to provide a vehicle with a large as possible boot size trunk.

Important notice: In case that you have an extraordinary big number or type of luggage that does not fit in one vehicle, you might need to use a second taxi that we can arrange immediately, at your expense.


Booking costs, transfer prices, methods of payment

  • Making a reservation is totally free. No prepayment is required for the booking, therefore no amendment/cancellation fees applied.
  • The prices in our pricelists (or those you get quoted for any other transfer) are referring to a one way transfer with a taxi or a minibus. They are not per person but for the whole number of the persons in the vehicle. The pricing of a transfer is based on the distance covered. The prices are final (including all the charges, VAT, etc) and binding: Nothing extra will be charged than this amount. Tipping the driver is entirely to your discretion.
  • A cash payment directly to the driver as you arrive at your destination is the only way to keep things simple. You pay for your transfer after it has concluded. Payments through credit/debit cards (Visa / MasterCard) can be arranged upon prior notice, with a 5% surcharge due to bank/credit cards fees.


How and when should you make a reservation

  • You can make a reservation online (or by a phone call / text message). The preferred method is online, through our reservation form: it already has all the essential information for a booking and most important it is something written; we both have a copy of all the details concerning your reservation.
  • The earlier you make a taxi reservation, the better it is; we will have the time to respond properly and maintain the quality of our services. After all, cancelling or amending that reservation is free of charge. In case of a last minute request, we will try to address your needs but perhaps we might not have the sufficient time for that.

Additional information can be found on our Booking Policy.


Confirming your reservation

Each reservation request (submitted by email) has to be Confirmed from our side before it is concerned Active. We do not use an automated instant confirmation system in order to avoid misunderstandings, confirming requests with incomplete data that are essential for a reservation, etc.

We do check all of the details and proceed manually to a Confirmation as soon as possible (usually within an hour).


About your Arrival / Departure Airport Transfers

  • How to choose the pick up times for your transfer

For your Arrival transfer from the airport:   What we need to know is the Scheduled Arrival Time of your flight, so fill-in this time on the "Pickup Time" field of our reservation form. Also, it is essential to know the Flight Number of your Arrival Flight (to keep track of the real landing time in case of delays, etc). .

For your Departure transfer to the airport:   That is entirely up to you to decide but if you need our suggestion, this is how we would estimate it:

"Departure Flight's time minus 2 hours minus the driving time needed from the pickup point area to the Airport equals the Pickup Time"

For example your flight departs from Chania airport at 22:00pm and you are staying in Agia Marina: 22:00pm - 2 hours - 35 minutes = 19:25pm Pickup time. By that, you will be at the airport when the check-in of your flight would open (International Flights require 2 hours, Domestic Flights only 1 hour)

  • In case of a flight delay (arrival flight) or a delay on the delivering of your luggage

No extra charge will be applied. You are not responsible for that kind of delays; you are not going to pay more because of them.


Meeting with the driver on an Arrival Transfer

Your driver would wait for you at the meeting point of the arrival hall of the airport, which is located immediately after you exit the Luggage Claiming Hall, having a board with your name on (or possibly with our logo). He will meet and greet you, assist you with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle. If you arrive by a ferry / cruise ship, he will be waiting right outside the Passengers' Exit of the ferry-boat / cruise ship.


During a transfer

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited by Law (and for obvious safety / healthy hazards). On a long trip, we can always make a couple of 5-minutes stops.
  • Eating and drinking: Ok, drinking carefully some water or a refreshment is something we all do in a car. Eating that ice cream that melts constantly under a 38 °C warm day, dripping everywhere - we are not going to lie - it is not our ideal case.


For any other question that you might have about how, when or why, please feel free to contact us.