What most people think about taxis

Taxi driving is an easy-to-do profession: you drive a car around, picking people up, take them where they want to go and that's about it. Another day has gone, you -perhaps- made a living,  the next day you are going to do the same thing over again. Anyone can do that, it's about driving a car around after all, right?...Well, not exactly.

Indeed, that part of the profession seems easy but it is half-way of the story. As it happens in every profession unfortunately, some of the people involded in the taxi business are just sticking to that:  "another day, another customer and life goes on". And this -almost consequently- leads to the worst thing a business might do; to drop the quality of the offered services towards a customer. And then life still goes on but your business isn't.


What we think about taxi services

The other part of the story is to try to keep up your business healthy, so it can be successful not just for a couple of years but over time. What we deeply believe is that the quality of a service is the only way to achieve a long run presence in every profession. We deeply believe that a happy customer is a returning customer.

Apart from the obvious reasons to succeed that, we try to do it because we like to built relations of trust with you. You are above all a human being, not just "another customer".  We want to treat you as we would like to be treated. This is our philosophy in life and this is why we select to maintain the quality of our taxi services at the best possible level; because we like to be simple, we like to be honest, we like to trust other people, we like to enjoy quality in life.


Our professional values

The way we are trying to deliver our transfer services can be summarized as follow:

  • Safe and pleasant driving: Safety comes first. Comfort simply derives from it.
  • Well mentained and clean vehicles: you are about to ride in them for some time, so you deserve them to be - we are going to work in them for a whole shift, so we need them to be.
  • Reliability and consistency: being on time is essential. Even if something prevents us from it, you will get notified in advance.
  • Friendly and corteous drivers: apart from driving you in a professional manner, we will be glad to assist you or provide information you might need during your staying in Crete.

Additionally, all of the team members of Taxi4Crete are legal taxi and minibus service providers, fully licenced and officially registered to provide our services in the area of Chania as well everywhere in Crete.

These are the values that we want to represent ourselves. This is why you trust us.


***On behalf of all of my partners, i would like to thank personally each and every of our current customers for your trust and support.

We remain at your services.


Kostas Kourgiantakis
Manager of www.taxi4crete.gr