If you want to discover some of the major attractions of Chania and Crete while maintaining freedom of your movements, you should book a private excursion.

In this section you will find some suggested excursions that we have diligently designed for you. During these intra-day tours you will enjoy the natural beauty of Crete, learn some of the history and culture of our area and taste the famous Cretan, Mediterranean cuisine.

The duration of these private excursions make them ideal for cruise ship visitors. Select a tour from the excursions’ program that we suggest or customize a tour accordingly to your personal preferences.

(Important notice: Although that we do provide general information on these sight-seeing excursions, we cannot act as a professional tour guide, according to the Greek laws. A professional, licensed tour guide can be arranged upon request, with a surcharge applied.)

The tour starts at the area of Akrotiri, near the town of Chania. The route offers a glimpse of the landscape of Chania and Crete, combining the 'mountain' side of Crete next to beautiful beaches.

The tour starts with the visit of Ancient Aptera, an archaeological site of historical and cultural interest, unique in the area of Chania. Then we head to the Monastery of Arkadi (Rethymno), the symbol of the Cretan revolution, characterized by UNESCO as a European Monument of Freedom.

Discover the real Crete, with a tour that highlights the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Crete. The tour begins with a visit to the ancient Aptera, a unique archaeological site of historical and cultural interest in the area of Chania.

We depart from Chania area bound for Heraklion Town and the archeological site of Knossos, the Palace of King Minos. The myths of the Minotaur and Daedalus & Ikarus related to Knossos still excite the imagination.