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Terms of use of
a) website provides information regarding taxi and transfers services (prices, availability, etc.) in the area of Chania as well as everywhere in Crete, along with a range of other information, in order to assist the User to make a transfer reservation, through its carefully selected network of partners. It is owned, operated and managed personally by Kostas Kourgiantakis, a licensed taxi owner, fully registered and legally operating as a taxi services provider in the area of Chania, Crete, Greece.

b) The Site is not charging to the customer any kind of fee for the provided information or reservation services. Any charge, fee or fare that concerns the provided taxi/transfer services to the customer is charged directly to the customer by the actual provider of these taxi/transfer services that is therefore held totally responsible for issuing any type of receipt or invoice for the services he/she provides to the customer.

c) The content published in this Site is intended for information and reservation purposes only. While the Site will make all reasonable efforts to verify that the information presented on is accurate and current, the Site makes no express or implied warranties about the information, the services, or any other element of the Site.


Booking policy of

a) All reservations requests send by the User to the Site would be confirmed by sending you a booking Confirmation Email and/or a booking Confirmation SMS, in order to be considered "Active". Our effort is to send this Confirmation Email in the next couple of hours since you send your request.

b) The user is responsible for the accuracy of all the provided details regarding his/her reservation request (contact details and transfer details). Make sure to fill in correct the Reservation Form as also to check the accuracy of the details of your booking when you receive our Confirmation Email.

c) provides a reservation platform, free of any charge, to its users in order them to reserve in advance a taxi/transfer service in the area of Chania, Crete, Greece as well as possibly anywhere in Crete. The user of the Site would not be charged any amount of money for his reserved taxi/transfer services by the Site at any stage of the reservation. The user (customer of the transfer service) would have to pay in Cash, his taxi/transfer service provider upon conclusion of the taxi/transfer service, namely when they arrive at their destination. You may change or cancel your reservation at any time, without any charge.

d) No illegal or unauthorised suppliers of any kind of transfer services are partners of Any individual partner of that is assigned to conduct any taxi/transfer service reserved by a customer through the website is a professional, fully registered and legally operating taxi or transfer supplier under the Greek legislation. Though, the legal liability of each one of those suppliers to comply at all times with all the necessary legal licences and documentation provided by the Greek State (that allow them to provide taxi or transfer services under a fee in the area of Chania or Crete) lies solely with those suppliers and not with Additionally, any liabilities or claims raised by a customer that derives from any action caused by those third party providers of the taxi/transfer services (such as illegal acts and practices, injuries or deaths due to an accident, misbehave, etc.) occurred during the taxi/transfer services as well as any compensation of damage of any kind that the customer is entitled to claim, lies solely to these third party suppliers and not to The Site shall not accept any liability for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur as a result of the service provided to you by a third party provider or the incorrect processing of your reservation details by a third party provider.

e) and its partners can not be held responsible in the event that prior to or during your transfer various unexpected events would occur ( including but not limited to: roads blocked due to natural phenomena of a higher power, events of a political nature , accidents, etc. - extreme adverse driving conditions - unexpected mechanical problems and damages of our vehicles - possible strikes of the taxi industry declared by the local Taxi Unions, etc. ) , which will prevent us to provide our services partially or totally, consistently and as have been agreed, as also for any damage caused to you by the failure of arriving on time at your destination. We are committing though that we will notify you immediately and, if possible, in time for our inability to provide you with our services because of these unforeseen events and that we will provide all possible information and assistance in order to help you getting alternative modes of transportation, when possible.


Privacy Policy of

a) could require various types of information any time you contact us and/or whenever you make a reservation for a taxi/transfer service.

b) The personal information that you provide (such as your name, your mobile telephone number and your email address) as well as the information concerning your taxi/transfer request (such as the flight details, pick up and drop off points, date and time of the transfer, etc.) will be used by the Site in order to:

• Respond to any questions, requests or information requested by you.
• Confirm your taxi/transfer reservation request by sending you a booking confirmation email and/or a booking confirmation SMS.
• Contact you for any reason that concerns your confirmed taxi/transfer reservation (when additional information needed, etc.) as also to inform you about any necessary changes or cancellation of your reservation in case of acts of God, mechanical problems/failures, political conditions, strikes declared by the local Taxi Unions, etc. that may prevent us from delivering your requested taxi/transfer service.
• Receive feedback reports and testimonials from you and conduct surveys regarding the Site and the provided taxi/transfer services, in order to improve our providing services to you.
• Send to you (with your agreement) newsfeed, promo material and discount offers and coupons about services you may use in the future.

c) DOES NOT share***, rent or sell to anyone any of the personal or other type of information that you may provide us. The Site may use/publish some data drawn by customer's feedback, surveys, etc., only for promotional purposes of the Site but without any disclosure of personal information details of yours such as your name, telephone number, email address.

***(Only the necessary information concerning your taxi/transfer reservation will be shared with the partners (local and legally authorised taxi and travel service providers) of, in order to fulfil your reservation and deliver to you the requested services).

d) uses cookies in order to gather technical information from your computer's Web browser, which may include your IP Address, operating system, web browser software, screen resolution, etc. This helps us to monitor and improve our website's performance delivered to you. You may refuse the use of cookies by setting accordingly your web browser's preferences.